Keyboard to controller remapper, for outputting an Xinput (Xbox) or DS4 (Playstation) controller.

Why did we make Keys2X? Simple, We enjoy controller movement! We saw that people were buying specific keyboards to play games with mixed inputs, and we wanted to create and offer the same solution to anyone that couldn’t afford, or didn’t want to buy an entirely new (and expensive) keyboard. We also could see no other software out there doing what we wanted, in a small and lightweight package. Keys2Xinput has been designed to be as slim and light-weight as possible. Using next to zero system resources.

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Version 2 has a completely re-worked User Interface and improved core, we added a few new features:

  • Profile selection (with some standardised community based profiles)
  • Import and/or create a profile from v1
  • Fully customisable angles made easier to adjust, with a visual representation.
  • Modifier key (e.g. Shift-key to walk.. OR Shift-key = 8 more directions!)
  • Controller type: Added the ability to output as a DualShock4 controller
  • Keyboard capture method has been further improved, with the option for the old method (giving block keys), plus a new RawInput.
  • SOCD has been brought to the front (simultaneous opposite cardinal direction)
  • GUI has been split from the CORE program, meaning more performance allowing full closure of the GUI.
    we are using even less system resources!