Patch Notes

Release 2.0.1

  • Small user-interface changes discovered during testing V2.0.0
  • Fixed a Windows 7 compatibility issue discovered during testing V2.0.0
  • The core has been optimized and upgraded to be able to remap every single controller functionality (limited to advanced for now).
  • The user-interface has undergone a major upgrade.
    • Improved joystick axis coverage with a visual representation.
    • Profiles added (with some standardised fortnite profiles).
    • Modifier key functionality (e.g. shift to walk, or shift to 8 new directions).
    • Added DualShock4 controller type for user ease and general compatibility
    • more.. 🙂
  • The core and user-interface have been separated for optimal performance.
  • Created a ‘one-click’ Application Installer.

Release 1.0.4

  • This is a QOL(Quality Of Life) update, the core functionality has not been changed.
  • Added detection for controller ‘Player 1’
  • Added easy key-bind configuration
  • Added a ‘show windows game controllers’ shortcut in the Help menu
  • Added a system sound when enableing/disabling
  • Added more verbose error messages for troubleshooting
  • Some minor user-interface improvements

Release 1.0.3

Added the ability to change the Alt+0 hotkey, but it is still confined to using the Alt key + another key. Change this in the .ini file “hotkey = 0x30” using Microsofts virtual key codes:
Added the ability to independently alter the “diagonal” momentum based on whether +forward or +backwards is applied. Previously, the direction applied with +forward and +backwards used the same value.
Process priority has been set to “above normal”

Release 1.0.2

Upped the windows priority for the process because we want keystrokes to be processed immediately, always.
Interaction with an already running old version has been improved to make sure the latest version loads.
Added an SOCD option in the .ini file: 0=SIP and 1=Neutral (SIP is default)
To learn more about SOCD see:

Release 1.0.1

Our software has been designed to convert your WASD keys (or what you prefer) to output as a joystick. The idea is that each key becomes configurable to give you the exact analog movement options you desire, for your game.

Release 1.0.0

Initial Release.