Patch Notes

Full patch-notes for Keys2XInput below:

Release 2.2.4

  • Core, Added automatic confinement of the mouse to the Fortnite Window (or any window)
  • Core, Added automatic enabling/disabling of the remapping to the Fortnite Window (or any window)
  • Core, Added an option to temporarily redirect the left-stick’s remapping to keyboard instead of controller
  • Core, Added 11 more Direction-Modifier keys (only configurable through ‘Configuration Expert’)
  • Core, Fix in RawInput: better handling of escaped sequences AND numpad-keys
  • UI, Added more languages
  • + Japanese translation by: Takumi
  • + Korean translation by: Hardtack(건빵)
  • + Spanish translation by: Online Translate
  • UI, Added a News section
  • UI, Minor fixes and improvements

Release 2.2.3

  • Skipped (Internal testing)

Release 2.2.2

  • Core, Added a workaround for a Fortnite bug: can’t move when jumping out of the bus
  • Core, Added support for double-binds on the Direction-Modifier Key
  • UI, Fixed a possible error message at startup (Core not found)

Release 2.2.1

  • UI, Added language support (Global Settings)
  • + English/French/Dutch by: Keys2XInput
  • + Portuguese translation by: ZaffeN
  • + German translation by: th1lo
  • UI, Improved the ‘Profile Management’
  • UI, Reduced the max-angle for Playstation to 75.911, for the ‘Fortnite GUI’ (EPIC please)
  • UI, Minor fixes and improvements
  • Installer, Changed icon
  • Installer, Added .k2x file-extension support, to import/download profiles with a ‘double click’
  • Core, Fixed a rounding in handling Playstation
  • Reintroduced “Standard”, “Strong” and “Classic” (single key) profiles. BUT as an option when creating a new profile.

Release 2.2.0

  • UI, Light & Dark mode toggle
  • UI, Re-worked the UI, in an attempt to make it less cluttered and more intuitive
  • UI, Implemented an update system (automatically checks for and proposes updates now)
  • UI, The Hotkey ‘remap enabled’ status is PER session now
  • Installer, Improved user experience
  • Core, Added support for double key binds
  • Core, Added support for ‘toggle mode’ on the Modifier key
  • Core, Optimized handling Playstation
  • Core, Optimized handling SOCD

Release 2.1.1

  • UI: Keyboard and Mouse can now be individually configured for input capture method (Rawinput or LowLevel)
  • Core, Added Mouse confinement to a Window (tabbing out multi-monitor work-around) – experimental
    – A key can be bound in the “options” section of your profile “Confine Mouse to Window”.

Release 2.1.0

  • UI, Moved more configuration options from Advanced to the front (Easy to use full remapping of a controller to your keyboard).
  • UI, Fixed binding ‘arrow keys’.
  • UI, Minor improvements.
  • Core, Added Mouse-Button Input Capture (experimental). Mouse buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 only!
  • Core, Added a sound indication for the HotKey usage (default Alt+0).
  • Core, Minor improvement.

Release 2.0.3

  • Installer only, reverted OS detection.

Release 2.0.2

  • UI, changed the degrees/speed labels, into editable text fields.
  • UI, degrees/speed sliders can also be adjusted with the arrow-keys (0.05) and page up/down (1.00) per step.
    (scrolling is still 0.10 per step).
  • UI, added a ‘Check for Updates’ button.
  • Installer, improved prerequisites detection.
  • Core, improved SOCD handling.

Release 2.0.1

  • Small user-interface changes discovered during testing V2.0.0
  • Fixed a Windows 7 compatibility issue discovered during testing V2.0.0
  • The core has been optimized and upgraded to be able to remap every single controller functionality (limited to advanced for now).
  • The user-interface has undergone a major upgrade.
    • Improved joystick axis coverage with a visual representation.
    • Profiles added (with some standardised fortnite profiles).
    • Modifier key functionality (e.g. shift to walk, or shift to 8 new directions).
    • Added DualShock4 controller type for user ease and general compatibility
    • more..
  • The core and user-interface have been separated for optimal performance.
  • Created a ‘one-click’ Application Installer.

Release 1.0.4

  • This is a QOL(Quality Of Life) update, the core functionality has not been changed.
  • Added detection for controller ‘Player 1’
  • Added easy key-bind configuration
  • Added a ‘show windows game controllers’ shortcut in the Help menu
  • Added a system sound when enableing/disabling
  • Added more verbose error messages for troubleshooting
  • Some minor user-interface improvements

Release 1.0.3

+ Added the ability to change the Alt+0 hotkey, but it is still confined to using the Alt key + another key. Change this in the .ini file “hotkey = 0x30” using Microsofts virtual key codes:
+ Added the ability to independently alter the “diagonal” momentum based on whether +forward or +backwards is applied. Previously, the direction applied with +forward and +backwards used the same value.
Process priority has been set to “above normal”

Release 1.0.2

+ Upped the windows priority for the process because we want keystrokes to be processed immediately, always.
+ Interaction with an already running old version has been improved to make sure the latest version loads.
+ Added an SOCD option in the .ini file: 0=SIP and 1=Neutral (SIP is default)
– To learn more about SOCD see:

Release 1.0.1

+ Our software has been designed to convert your movement keys (normally WASD) to output as a joystick. The idea is that each key becomes configurable to give you the exact analog movement options you desire, for your game.

Release 1.0.0

January 4th 2021 – Initial Release.
Let the patch-notes begin!