Need help with some of Keys2XInput? Follow a guide a below for help on that topic.

A couple of clicks and you are done!

First Time Use
A glance at how to use Keys2Xinput and the standard features we offer in the “Fortnite” usage type.

Advanced Features
A guide through al of the advanced features. SOCD? Modifier key? Gate type? We go through it all.

Converting v1 to v2
If you are coming from our old version, or if you have heard about your favourite players settings, you can import everything with this tutorial * OR with our new easy v1-to-v2 page.

Tabbing out issues
Do you have multiple monitors and are experiencing randomised alt-tabbing! We have added a feature to help sort this out.

Disable/Redirect Left stick
Understanding key redirect and what it can be used for.